Cat at Crate & Barrel

15 years ago, I had a dream of working in floral and event design. However, instead of chasing flowers, I pursued a legal career - which brought with it many gifts and countless important lessons.

That being said, when I left law to open a design firm - I was more than a little terrified. So, when Crate & Barrel invited me to do a large scale hanging installation in their Oak Brook store - I was ecstatic. I have been a customer of the brand for years. Nothing felt more affirming that I was on the right path than getting to design in their beautiful space.

For everyone who supported me on this journey, this is really meant to be a "thank you". For those of you who lifted me up, cheered me on, encouraged me and told me to "keep going" - this is for you. You know who you are.

Love the look?

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